Backed by fifteen years experience in the publication of comics in Trentino and the north of Italy, Fulber Creazioni is about to launch the ELDORADO project. An international workshop that provides editorial material in the form of cartoon adventures about the culture and history regions, towns and cities to inform the young people of their communities about their own historical roots. Graphic literature, used in advertising and institutional communications, deals in a most captivating manner with a wide range of issues in the most diverse and, at times, unthinkable environments.  Successful launches involved a return to comics involving great characters from local history, such as Fr. Eusebio Chini and the development of socially important linguistic islands, such as Cimbrian in Lusern, Trentino with new and original narrative formulas. As stated by Joe Kolman, editor of Corporate Comics in America, “there is something magic about comics”.













The legend of Kino

The Black Robe

Fulber texts and drawings






People who normally throw brochures in the bin would read every word of a comic that is advertising an identical product. Furthermore, comics are an exceptional means of making complicated issues comprehensible. This is the decade in which comics will expand its niche to become a "communication standard".




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